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Introducing 1-1 coaching


Take your photography to the next level and get inspired by booking a 1-1 coaching session with me!

Each session will be tailored and focused to your needs!


I currently offer two options:

1. focusing on the start to finish process - gear review and advice, working with natural light, photoshooting together at a pre-agreed location, working with dogs, depth of field etc. Following the photoshoot we will edit together one image of your choice.  

2. focusing on the editing process and my workflow - this will  only include my workflow review which means we will edit one image of your choice in a raw format start to finish.

Your individual session will be adapted to your needs.
We can focus less on some aspects of the photoshooting process and more on others, that are more of interest to you.
The world id your oyster!

For pricing enquiries and more details  -

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