So how does it work?

The photoshoot in essence is just a fun walk for you and your pet with a couple of pit stops along the way! It really is that simple 🐶

We start by talking through what kind of photoshoot you would like: just your pet or you and your pet together? 
We will discuss what your pet is like. Is it confident and sociable or is it shy and
 nervous, full of energy or chilled, obedient or a little mischievous, does your furry friend have any allergies and, finally, we discuss the best location for the photoshoot.

It really doesn't matter if you have a perfectly trained pet or not. I have worked with trained and untrained dogs, rabbits, cats, horses and even chickens! 

The location is normally rural, but easily accessible, such as local woodlands or parks. I will send a google maps pin to make sure you can find the correct place.🗺
If you would like an urban photoshoot, then this is also something I can do for you as I am able to travel up to 60 miles radius from Chepstow which gives us a good range of towns and cities where we can create some magical images

On Location

First and foremost - introduction! (to the pet of course!). I always prioritise for the pet to familiarise themselves with me and my camera gear. New environments and new people can be very exciting or stressful for your pet so giving them a couple of minutes to just sniff and look around will help them relax and make our photo-walk more enjoyable.

Once we got to know each other we will just start walking as if it was your regular walk! This will give your pet time to sniff the new surroundings and relax.

We will take a few stops along the way to take those captivating and timeless images. I will ensure to capture the emotion and personality of your pet so that the photograph is truly special.

I will have plenty of ammunition with me to get your pet's attention in the form of super high value treats, squeaky toys and, if need be, i will make very silly noises just to get that shot! If your dog has an absolute favourite toy or food, please do bring it with you.

There will be no rush, so we will take it nice and steady to make sure the pet and you, the owner, have a good time rather than have a couple of hours of stress!


Your Images

After the photo-walk I will be looking through each shot taken during the session and picking the most successful photographs.

I will make sure that the photos I pick are the best and once I have selected a minimum of 10 great shots - i will give you the chance to choose which ones you would like me to retouch for you.

The editing process will commence once I know which photographs you have picked.

Magic takes time, therefore each photograph will be carefully retouched in Photoshop to reflect my style and i will make sure that you receive a true work of art.

Once I have retouched the images I will let you know and give you the chance to download them via a personal link.

This whole process from start to finish can take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending how many photographs

Lastly, I would be honoured if you wanted to have your images printed and I am here to help you choose how best to display your favourites in your home. 

You are able to purchase unique, high quality wall art directly from me.

Price list available on request